Personality based solutions for Leadership, Sales and Recruiting - with a focus on self-awareness and biases.

We understand that sales and personal development is more than a one size fits all solution. Therefore we add incredible value throughout your personal development journey to get the best out of yourself.

Our bespoke personality based solutions to unlock your full potential

Sales Training

People don't like to be sold to but people like to. People like to buy from people. One of the worst things a sales person can do is make assumptions based on a customer's appearance.

Successful sales people know themselves. They know their strengths, their weaknesses and their potential. Great sales people know what motivates them and how to build successful, lasting relationships. They also know in which environment they strive most to be their most successful self.

Do you know what truly separates YOU from your competition? 

Recruitment Consulting

How much money has your company already burnt by hiring the wrong people? By hiring people who don't share your values, people who don't fit your company culture and leave? 

You certainly can train skills. You certainly can develop talents. But if you don't pay attention to whom you hire in the first place then there is a certain cap on that.

Do your employees share your values and align with your company's culture? Do you know how much risk you potentially hire? 

Would you like to predict success of your hiring?

Leadership Development

In an age where information is freely accessible at any given time, the role of a leader is changing. Employees do not need their leaders any longer as a source of information but of direction, inspiration and guidance.

To develop your key talent, leaders become more and more a coach for their employees. To get your leadership skills to the next level though, it is important to understand what makes you tick. How do you perceive others and how do others perceive you? To become strategically self-aware.

Do you know how you can be your best self and help your team members to achieve their goals? 

'She makes things happen' is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Stephanie. I had the pleasure of working with her for nearly a year collaborating on daily business of a Management Assistant as well as internal projects. Stephanie has always executed at a high standard with enthusiasm and commitment. Above all, I was impressed with Stephanie’s ability to handle stressful situations professionally and her capability to communicate and work well with several different layers of management. I can highly recommend Stephanie for any position requiring pro-active and result-oriented doing.

Regina Rieger - Managing Consultant at Horváth & Partners Management Consultants

Qualifications and awards

Sales Qualification with certificate

Sales Qualification Deutsche Bank

British Psychological Society

Accredited Member of British Psychology Society


Affiliate Member CIPD


BA (Hons) Banking, DHBW Mannheim


MSc Global Leadership, Goldsmiths, University of London


Certified user of Hogan Assessments

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