Meet our founder, Stephanie Bosch

Stephanie Bosh has kicked-off her traditional career in 2006, with a degree in Business Administration and Banking - in cooperation with Deutsche Bank. She has gained a whole of 6 years of extensive sales experience at Deutsche Bank Frankfurt, Mannheim, and Krefeld - Germany. Afterwards she has worked for 3 years in Financial Services consulting and international recruitment with three market leaders across Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and London. Stephanie holds a Master of Science degree (MSc) in Global Leadership from Goldsmiths, University of London. With the strong focus on Occupational Psychology and Entrepreneurship where she gained in-depth knowledge about  Personality. She is since then also British Psychology Society registered Test User Occupational for Ability and Personality (Level A & B) and certified user of psychometric tools like Hogan Assessments.

During her time in corporate environments and financial services Stephanie always felt that the surrounding was holding her back from who she truly was. Starting with suiting the dress code and matching the appearance to the set expectations of what professionalism has to look like. After relocating to London, leaving the corporate world to go back to University and travelling the world she decided to discover who she truly was. And to express this in her looks and styles.

With being equipped with in-depth knowledge, 8 years of experience and a broad skillset she decided, in accordance with Mahatma Gandhi's “You must be the change you want to see in the world”,  to be brave enough to lead by example. By leaving the corporate world, starting SalesTrainerIn Ltd in Summer 2016 and fight for what she believes is right. 

On a mission to help others to be authentic, bold and curious and  to turn their individuality and being different into personal strength.


Stephanie Bosch_Stephanie Profitlich

Our mission

Our mission is to challenge the status quo regarding the way we think about competence and professionalism - to make workplaces a greater place to work for upcoming generations.

We truly believe that competence and professionalism are not measured in dress codes or impression management. We truly believe that in the age of digitalisation, virtual reality and artificial intelligence personality, especially motives, values and behaviour are way more important than appearances.

We truly believe that people like to interact with people. We have to sell ourselves every single day - a couple of times. Therefore it is important that we understand who we are. That we understand what motivates us. That we understand what are our strengths and weaknesses. That we understand how others perceive us and what could potentially derail our careers.

We also believe there are way too many unconscious biases in human interactions, especially in leadership, sales and recruiting. So we decided to do something about it.

The journey so far

As with probably every new and brave venture the beginnings are bumpy with some obstacles. With being a truly "corporate kid" it took some believe and overcoming and lots of learning to get an orientation in the real entrepreneurial world - not the shiny, easy one that is promised via social media.

But with having a strong enough reason why the journey is worth it, which we do have because of our personal entanglements to this purpose we kicked it off.

And actually, although nothing was really too polished from the beginning it felt right. We learnt a lot along the way and got our first clients pretty soon after the launch.

At the end of the year we also launched online courses with now more than 3,000 students from more than 115 countries. By now we have established a social media presence and further tailored our offerings and services to our clients needs. 

The journey is still in it's beginnings - we don't want to play "fake it till you make it" but rather share open and authentic our journey.

Why us?

We are nuts about personality! 

We deeply care about personal development and like people.

We combine an international, open mind set with German quality orientation and efficiency.

We combine entrepreneurial spirit with strong corporate experience.

We combine real life experience and hands-on mentality with a passion for science and research.

We combine multi-passion with curiosity and empathy and embrace our interest in people.

We combine an understanding for cultural differences with our love to explore. We have lived abroad and are bilingual in German and English.

Therefore we can deliver you an adaptable, tailored approach to your company size, team culture and competency - with a smile.

Qualifications and awards

Sales Qualification with certificate

Sales Qualification Deutsche Bank

British Psychological Society

Accredited Member of British Psychology Society


Affiliate Member CIPD


BA (Hons) Banking, DHBW Mannheim


MSc Global Leadership, Goldsmiths, University of London


Certified user of Hogan Assessments

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