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Selling Diamonds – The Must Know’s

Diamond Must Know’s for Fine Jewellery Sales Professionals   “That something so small could be so beautiful. Worth so much. Only the strongest people can turn away from feelings like that.”  – Anthony Doerr    Diamonds – not only one of the most valuable possessions in the world. Probably also the most beautiful investment. So, what…

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The Psychology of Sales

At SalesTrainerIn we truly believe sales can be taught. As long as you are a genuine, authentic individual sales is well within your grasp, it just needs to be encouraged and boosted. And one of the most important ways to learn how to sell is to understand the psychology behind it. And to understand what…

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How to sell to German culture

As a proudly international company with a German founder, SalesTrainerIn has a lot of experience with German clients and consumers. We have noticed some pretty stark cultural differences between the British and German societies. This can make it a little more tricky when looking to penetrate the market. However, with the biggest population in Europe…

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How to sell whilst maintaining relationships with clients

Maintaining Relationships in Sales

Being in sales is by no means an easy job. With some pretty negative connotations and, an often, reluctant audience you have to be balanced and cautious when dealing with your target audience. But, often in the desire to close that deal, it is all too easy to forget about long-term relationships which can often…

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How to become a sales leader

How to become a sales leader   So you’ve made it…your sales are high and your superiors are happy. But how do you take them to the next level? How do you keep increasing those sales without plateauing? These are genuine concerns we hear from a number of our clients so here are our top…

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7 Steps to Master Your Strategy (Video)

This video was filmed as part of a bigger project with my friend Rob Howze (check out his page here) and contains my 7 steps to master your strategy – for life and / or business. When we want to reach a goal that is currently out of our reach we have to stretch ourselves…

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