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Sales Training

Classical sales training often focuses on sales techniques and written scripts only, like a one size fits all solution, without accounting for the sales person's personality.

We make the difference by leveraging the personality of your people. We help them understand what truly motivates them, so they can develop a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that works. Also they will get insights into their strengths and how to play to them. 

But to also help them to understand how their behaviour might change when in high-pressure, stressful situation, which sales environments often tend to be.

By understanding what we value, how others perceive us and how we perceive others, we can make the unconscious conscious. We can prevent having assumptions about people based on their appearance or looks.

As a sales leader you will also hugely benefit from understanding how your sales people tick and what motivates them. This can help you to be able to find great ways to motivate your team. Ways to incentivise your sales members individually, not only monetarily. 



Recruitment Consulting

Events like the financial crises have shown that selfish, risky decision-making can have tremendous consequences for whole companies, industries and economies. Especially when hiring for powerful leadership positions and other positions with influence the potential risks of not assessing the dark side of behaviour within the recruitment process can have devastating consequences.

But even on a less dramatic note hiring a not good fit for your company on any position can become costly over time. When we are not assessing a candidate's fit for the role and workplace, alignment of values etc. we might have to risk that the new employee will leave shortly afterwards. These costs of wrong hiring can be pricy in themselves. But it can also lead to even more dramatic consequences like increased turnover, less employee satisfaction and less productivity.

By focusing on personality based recruiting, focusing on behaviour, values, motives and preferences we have the opportunity to open up to a broader talent pool. When we manage to get away from suitability to dress codes or appearances. A broader talent pool can lead to more diverse teams and companies - with diverse skill sets. These skill sets and experiences can help your company to become more innovative, productive and smarter.


Leadership Development


As a leader you have a lot of responsibility. Your main responsibility is to take care of your team members, your employees. To make the team successful and work together most effectively. 

Great leaders have the capability to inspire and lead every employee individually - based on the employee's needs and personality. We can help you to take your leadership to the next level by giving you deep insights in performance capabilities, potential challenges, and core drivers. Strategic self-awareness can help you and fellow leaders to develop from good to great.

Self-awareness can also help you  create your dream teams to improve performance, increase a competitive advantage and make your company a better place to work. 

How do we do this? We look at three areas of personality: how do others perceive you when you are at your best (HPI, Hogan Personality Inventory), how do others perceive you under pressure and what could potentially derail your reputation and career (HDS, Hogan Development Survey) and what are your core values and motives (MVPI, Motives Values Preference Inventory).

Using Hogan Assessments can also help you to identify your own and your employee’s problem-solving styles, understand their capacities, define areas for development but also to identify and eliminate potential performance risks before they become a problem. 


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